Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some Bar Chef Cocktails

 photo cocktailgridss_zpsaf857f26.jpg

2014 has been a fantastic year, cocktail-wise, thanks to the Bar Chef! These are some of the drinks we made with the homemade bitters, all following recipes in the Book.  Some of the recipes call for both homemade bitters and a homemade syrup, which, to some people, might seem like a lot of work, but they are well worth the effort.  We'll probably ring in the new year with a Balsamic and Lavender (bottom right corner).  From top left:

1. Scottish Breeze
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Elderflower
4. Antique Formula
5. Peat and Apricot
6. Lasting Impression
7. Start and Finish
8. Lasting Impression (again)
9. Balsamic and Lavender

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bitter(s) Valentine's Day

Best homemade Valentine's Day present ever:  three jars of homemade bitters for making artisan cocktails.  1) Maple, 2) cherry-vanilla and 3) apricot bitters from the book The Bar Chef.  Just look at all that herby, spicy and fruity goodness soaking in a full 750ml of Bulleit rye.  Too bad the bitters need 3 whole months to develop their flavors.  Can't wait 'til May 14!  Although I'm not looking forward to trying to top this next year.

 photo B1a_zps957964c6.jpg  photo b2_zps40c874fb.jpg  photo b3_zpsd7305846.jpg

Monday, February 3, 2014

I need a bigger freezer

 photo newicg1aa_zps890fc328.jpg

I’ve been a little obsessed with making ice cream lately.  It’s the perfect activity to break up a day of staring at a computer screen editing images. I love finding unusual recipes, such as Secret Breakfast, or Ube, but I also like to make a better version of an old favorite, like this cookies and cream recipe.  Not to mention all those leftover egg whites that I can put to use in my new favorite cocktail (pictured below). There is just no end to the win. Here are the delicious creations, with links to the recipes.  I did end up making Humphrey Slocombe's Secret Breakfast--twice--but because of the bourbon, it didn't freeze well and looked mushy and weird in the photos.  Of course it still tasted good.

Top photo (from top left):
1. Thai tea
2. Buttermilk
3. Ube (purple yam and macapuno)
4. Chestnut

1. Rice gelato
2. Cookies and cream
3. Halvah
4. Pistachio

 photo newicg2a_zpsc279c358.jpg

Put those egg whites to use!  Cocktail with saffron-infused brandy, Islay scotch and a bunch of other goodness.  From The Bar Chef by Frankie Solarik.  Ian's friend Ray sent us the recipe for this drink, called "Saffron Meets Scotch."  Believe me, you'll want to attend that meeting.

 photo 33cf5029-8ec0-48c3-838a-313d67a53606_zpsf7a6474f.jpg