Monday, April 29, 2013

Cinnamon rolls X 6

I got this assignment from Epicurious. I use their website practically every day trying to decide what to make for dinner, so it was exciting to work for them. Of course, it had to happen when I had half a dozen other projects going, so I had one day to buy props and supplies, then prep and shoot the rolls. That's cutting it close even for me! But don't you think cinnamon rolls would be a cinch to make? So did I. Actually, now that I've made them a total of 6 times, yes, they are a cinch. But those first three times were pretty painful. Due to general Lara-Hata-ness, the first 3 batches turned out, let's just say, less than perfect. That's over 9 hours of work down the drain (the dough needs to proof for 3 hours)! Finally I learned my lesson and made 2 batches at once, and they looked great. Then a couple days later, I tried it one last, triumphant time. Here's how it looks on the Epicurious site, baked, styled, propped and photographed by me. Awesome! And delicious.

 photo cinnamonrollepi2_zpsf402ac06.jpg

 photo cinnamonrollepi_zpsc77cabf7.jpg

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