Monday, February 18, 2013

Next Restaurant, Chicago
The Hunt

 photo nrsmt_zps54b2a299.jpg Schwa was Friday night. Saturday night: Next Restaurant's The Hunt menu. Robyn and I were a little apprehensive about it being too meat-centric, but they used the term 'hunt' loosely to include foraging. So the first course was a glass box filled with maitake (hen of the woods) mushrooms and a few courses later, a preserved carrot, sliced and fanned out to create a lacy, fringey mini-sculpture. True, we were served some meaty things that I wouldn't have thought were edible. For example, the venison heart tartare, which was delicious, and squab brain, which we were instructed to suck out of a tiny squab skull. Oh yeah.  Most of us agreed that the Sturgeon and Caviar was the highlight, food-wise: a butter-poached medallion of sturgeon atop a bed of sunchoke, with caviar beurre blanc drizzled around the plate. But the quote of the night? When course #7, the Woodcock Jolie, was announced, Andra blurted out: "How much cock can a woodcock cock if a woodcock could cock wood?" I almost did a spit-take. I'm so classy. Even our server Jen couldn't surpress her giggles; it was like seeing one of the actors start laughing during an SNL sketch. We then had a discussion with the sommelier about California, Oregon and French pinots and then our photo op in the kitchen. Then, sadly, after 4 hours, another dinner at Next had come to an end.

Next: The Hunt
Full Course List
Hen of the Woods
Catch of the Great Lakes
Cellar Aged Carrots & Onions
Duck Tongue, Cider Vinegar
Sturgeon & Caviar
Woodcock Jolie (Ba-hahaha!)
Pressed Squab
Fallen Leaves & Kidney
Bison & Bearnaise
Marrow Brulee
Maris Otter
Tire D'erable

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