Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nothing says 'I kinda/really like you' like porchetta

 photo p1_zpsd7b93f92.jpg I could be better at expressing myself verbally. I'm an introvert and sometimes I just can't get the words out. Also, I grew up with grandparents who seldom said out loud that they loved me, but if there were steaks, sashimi or sukiyaki on the table when I got home, I knew what that meant. I learned this sort of culinary language and sometimes express affection with an upside down pear and crystallized-ginger cake, cherry almond trifle or beef tenderloin stroganoff. Sure, it gets the point across, but I'm really trying to get better with actual words. In the meantime, I made this porchetta: 3 lbs of pork rubbed in spices and then wrapped in 5 more lbs of pork. As a meal or culinary statement, it's huge and difficult to ignore. Just don't read too much into it...unless you want to.

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