Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dixie Restaurant, the Presidio, San Francisco

I was sent here on assignment for this restaurant review. The first shot: Crispy fried quail in the style of chicken and waffles, with a kale salad. The quail had a delicious and satisfyingly crunchy coating but was very tender on the inside. And that waffle'll just melt in your mouth. I try to keep a professional veneer when I'm on the job, but sometimes you just get caught gnawing on the last remnants of meat left on a quail bone. I thought it was delicious, but Chef Joseph (Humphries) explained that he didn't salt or season it because it was made for photography and not necessarily for consumption. Oops.


The next dish: Black cod, bourbon & red miso, leeks, faro, buttermilk. The black cod was silky, like buttuh, with the benefit of a crispy, briny skin. If this too lacked seasoning, it didn't stop me.


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