Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seven course cocktail flight at Aviary, Chicago

I know I have tasted delicious things before this, but I seem to have forgotten all about them. The Aviary cocktail and appetizer pairing was a journey that involved all the senses: flavors, textures, temperatures, colors, shapes and aromas, all perfectly balanced. We really had to concentrate and focus to get the full effect! The best part was looking across the table and seeing my lovely friends' reactions to each course. The looks of delight--as the each new cocktail washed over their palates or as each subsequent crunch of appetizer revealed something new--were priceless! I would do it again in a heartbeat, only I would just have pizza afterward instead of reservations at Next.


In case you are wondering, what the eff is all this? From top left:
1. Pumpkin gelee on graham cracker crust
2. Fig bite
3. Fig cocktail with star anise and prosecco
4. Cheering with the fig cocktail!
5. Sweet potato cocktail with smoked paprika, orange and tequila. That's a smoked paprika ice cube, bitches!
6. Bay scallop with ceviche, cilantro and sweet potato
7. Quince cocktail with ginger and pisco in plain brown wrapper
8. Crab bite with avocado, mango and almond
9. Snow cocktail with lemongrass mixing stick
10. 'A Moment of Silence' cocktail with aroma filled pouch, apry, averna, rye
11. Wagyu bite with smoked paprika, pumpkin seed, yogurt
12. Making the 'Oolong' with brown sugar, pistachio, pear brandy
13. Foie gras with pomegranate, gingerbread and charred onion
14. Concord grape cocktail with angostura orange, port, rum
15. Apple bite with tempura, brie, thai long peppercorn
16. Cold chocolate: ecuadorian chocolate, fernet, bourbon


  1. Very jealous of your photos as they're much better than my own from my many trips to the Aviary. Just a small point: photo #12 is actually making the Oolong, not the Hurricane. -an avid Aviary patron

  2. Thanks for the correction, Matt! I had to piece everything together from the menu, google searches and my not-so-reliable recollection of the details of that evening!

  3. i can't believe you remembered what you DID! amazing work sister. # 14. NUMBER FOURTEEEEEEEEEN!!!!
    second you on the pizza. guess we'll have to go back to make that happen.