Monday, August 29, 2011

Mission Chinese Food

Mission Chinese Food is getting so much national attention, I feel I have nothing to add but these spicy pics! Some recent press:
-New York Times Magazine
-Bon Appetit
-Food and Wine
and, finally, the article I shot these pics for.

From top left:
1) Fried chicken wings buried under dried red peppers
2) Szechuan pickles
3) Tofu with roasted chile and soybeans
4) Cumin lamb belly
The food really was as inventive, surprising and "addictive" as they say. Also infectious were Danny Bowien's charm and enthusiasm.


  1. Man! Check out all that spice. You're photos are making my mouth water Lara. Wishing it was dinner time so I could head over to Mission Chinese Food.

  2. Great photos! That gougeous food is so "alive". Congrats on your work.