Monday, August 29, 2011

Mission Chinese Food

Mission Chinese Food is getting so much national attention, I feel I have nothing to add but these spicy pics! Some recent press:
-New York Times Magazine
-Bon Appetit
-Food and Wine
and, finally, the article I shot these pics for.

From top left:
1) Fried chicken wings buried under dried red peppers
2) Szechuan pickles
3) Tofu with roasted chile and soybeans
4) Cumin lamb belly
The food really was as inventive, surprising and "addictive" as they say. Also infectious were Danny Bowien's charm and enthusiasm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Not too hard to take a photo of a beet, perfectly sculpted into the shape of a rose, resting on a bed of shimmering pink ice, framed by a lovely and understated Heath Ceramics bowl. Only obstacle was Daniel Patterson hovering over the scene, probably being polite and pretending to be mildly interested in the shot. Doh! DP soon went back into the kitchen, at which point I got to relax a little and got this pic. I didn't get to taste the beet, though--I guess I'll just have to go in for dinner to try it...maybe (see #19).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bar Tartine

Beautiful, rustic Hungarian-influenced food by chef Nick Balla. Here's Jonathan Kauffman's review.

Top middle: bottarga, grilled bread, butter, radish
Bottom left: meggyleves, sour cherry soup with sour cream
Bottom middle: dobos torte
Bottom right: porcini mushrooms, yoghurt, turnip sauce, carrot, radish