Friday, May 27, 2011

Bouillabaisse at Bistro Central Parc

I got sent here on assignment to photograph the bouillabaisse, sweetbreads and trout amandine. Here's the review. At the end of the shoot, Jacques let me choose one of the dishes and I just had to have that bouillabaisse. What perfection. So delicate and light with a perfectly cooked scallop that was silky like a custard infused with saffron and fennel. I think I ate the whole meal with my eyes closed, because I'm weird like that. Try the bouillabaisse. And after trying it, you will want to friend them on facebook immediately, because who doesn't want a 'friend' who can make something that delicious? Bistro Central Parc, 562 Central, SF


  1. I'm so jealous! Bouillabaisse is one of my favorite dishes.

  2. You would love this one then! Let's go to there soon.

  3. Don t forget the chef is nicolas jardin at bistro central parc